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Our current match record is 189lbs 14oz. It was taken from peg 1 by Mosella UK sponsored angler, Clayton Hudson (see below). Clayton fished corn and pellets on the long pole for his net of carp.

Clayton Hudson

Well done to Mosella UK backed angler, Pete Wild, who won his lake on each of the first two days of the Whiteacres Bait-Tech Festival.

Pete Wild

Pete, who helps to design tackle for Mosella UK, went on to win his section on the last day at Porth Reservoir, and finish 13th overall in a field of nearly 170 of the country's top match anglers. On day two, Pete drew fancied peg 27 on Pollawyn Lake, and set a festival best weight of 261lbs 14oz. Lake runner-up, Steve Ringer finished with 135lbs 12oz and said "I think I had Pete worried for the first hour!"