Moors Lake

Moors Lake is our main match and pleasure fishing lake. It has 48 permanent pegs on comfortable platforms and runs to 5 acres in size.

The lake has steeply shelving near and far margins. Depths are typically around 6' and the bottom is generally flat.

Bomb with pellets, feeder with meat or corn, and long pole with pellets or worm over groundbait all produce well. When fishing to the islands, the pellet waggler or deep waggler are top methods.
Because the margins are deep, fishing along the edge with the pole works well and the short pole with paste also produces at times.

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Moors Lake Rules

All nets must be dry before use
Keepnets allowed for matches with a limit of 80lbs for carp and 50lbs for silvers per net. Lay your nets out on the bank until 5 minutes before the start of the match.
Pleasure anglers can use keepnets for silvers only between October and March
Maximum of two rods, do not leave them unattended
Fish from platforms only
Barbless hooks only, maximum size 10
No braided reel line
All leads and feeders must be free running
Minimum hooklength for legering is 12" (30cm)
Feed pellets can only be coarse or carp pellets
No cat meat, dog meat, boilies, nuts, beans or peas
No surface baits
Luncheon meat - Maximum 3 x 400g Tins
Groundbait maximum of 2kgs
No lighting fires