What's happening at Avalon Fisheries now...

Who we are

Leigh Nutland and Vic Bush are the proprietors of Avalon Fisheries. Both are experienced match anglers and Vic runs Mosella UK and Avalon tackle brands.

There is also a team of bailiffs to ensure the fishery is run in a professional manner at all times.

Match News

For details of match bookings, latest match results and match fishing information, go to our Match Pages


A comprehensive list of rules is on display at each lake and on each lake's individual webpage. Some of the rules vary from lake to lake, so please make yourself aware of the relevant rules before you start fishing. Our primary consideration is the well-being of the fish and associated environment. Rules and bait restrictions are in place for the health of our fish.

We reserve the right to amend rules, introduce new rules, close lakes and sections of lakes as we see fit. Please use safe, free running rigs at all times. Respect the unique wildlife we have around the fishery by not leaving litter. In particular, please do not discard line.